A total $200 New Year Gifts Waiting for You! Thanks all my Subscribers!

This is the second chance to win a gift! The winners of the first raffle have received their gifts! Now I give more gifts ... Do not miss this opportunity! Thank you for your support. Gifts:
3x Eachine E010 Mini Drone Quadcopter -- https://goo.gl/3k5Lbp 3x Tank Robot Chassis -- https://goo.gl/Qo7jJE 3x Arduino Basic Starter Kit -- https://goo.gl/b3wBqH 3x 37 In 1 Sensor Module Set -- https://goo.gl/pUhZfA 3x Geekcreit® Arduino UNO R3 -- https://goo.gl/VZK6RW 2x Two Wheel Robot Car Chassis -- https://goo.gl/zvxjFg ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Conditions for joining the raffle. 1) First, subscribe to the channel. This way you can support the channel. 2) Subscribers who want to join in the raffle will share their facebook address in the comment section of the this (from YouTube) video. So I can reach real subscribers (I can check subscriber account name from my list). I can communicate via Facebook. Because I need some details to send the gifts. (Like Full Name, Surname, Shipping Address) 3) And last, share the this raffle video on your facebook account. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I will send the gifts through the Banggood -- https://goo.gl/bWQqjM *The gifts will be free shipping. * Can the Banggood ship to my country? Banggood can ship their products to almost every country. * About taxes I can not guarantee or predict the value of the customs duties you may have to pay to receive your gifts. The raffle will end on December 31! Good luck everybody! Some New Year's Promotions: Christmas Wholesale Electronics -- https://goo.gl/2kGoGd Professional Tools Clearance -- https://goo.gl/mRb4tT Mechanical Part Clearance -- https://goo.gl/jy86BM 2017 YEAR-END Clearance -- https://goo.gl/h68kkD