Activate an LED in 3 steps! It's easy with Visual Programming Language XOD

XOD is a new visual programming language project by assembling function blocks. XOD is more modern and simpler than the Scratch. XOD is a very young project, it released it only in August 2017. So many features are not available at the moment. But the project is open-source, they develop it very quickly. The source code is available in GitHub. Anybody can create own new nodes, including hardware nodes and contribute them right from XOD IDE. Briefly, blocks are placed on a board. Each block has inputs / outputs. The blocks are then connected to each other by wires which transmit the data, the commands or the states. You can share any technical problem at The team of XOD developers will respond to you very quickly and more accurately. XOD Official -- XOD Community -- XOD GitHub -- --------------------------------------------------------------- Required Hardware Any Arduino Board Arduino Uno -- Arduino Nano -- Arduino Mega -- LED Set -- Resistor -- Breadboard -- Arduino Basic Starter Kit -- ---------------------------------------------------------------