Adjust an LED brightness with potentiometer | XOD Visual Programming

This video is related to Visual Programming Language For Microcontrollers. In this tutorial we will learn how to program the Arduino using blocks. We will set the brightness of LEDs with one potentiometer. We will use the XOD visual programming language for this. It is an ideal tutorial for beginners. If we turn the potentiometer knob, it will adjust the brightness of the LEDs. Depending on the angle of the knob, the pot node returns a value from 0.0 to 1.0 to the VAL pin, and that value is transferred to the LUM pins of all LED nodes. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Required Hardware Any Arduino Board Arduino Uno -- Arduino Nano -- Arduino Mega -- LED Set -- Resistor Set -- Breadboard -- Potentiometer -- Jumper Wires -- Arduino Basic Starter Kit -- 2018 New Year Promotion -- ---------------------------------------------------------------- For the first tutorial you can watch the following video. ---------------------------------------------------------------- You can share any technical problem at The team of XOD developers will respond to you very quickly and more accurately. XOD Official -- XOD Community --