06# Arduino Visual Programming | How to Control a Robot or DC Motors using the L293D

In this tutorial we will learn how to control a robot car or DC motors using the L293D (Adafruit) motor shield. You do not need to know any programming language. With XOD visual programming language, you can add a few nodes (blocks). Now you can easily control your the Arduino robots with the L293D. This tutorial is ideal for beginners. Required Hardware : Arduino Uno -- https://goo.gl/RcRmi1 Arduino Mega -- https://goo.gl/PfP5p7 L293D Motor Drive Shield --https://goo.gl/qty5um Robot Car Chassis -- https://goo.gl/BNW9Vd Arduino Basic Starter Kit -- https://goo.gl/ZJ6jxV Best Selling Professional Tools -- https://goo.gl/qWyPPk ---------------------------------------------------------------- Other XOD tutorials : 01# Arduino Visual Programming | Activate an LED in 3 steps with using XOD -- https://youtu.be/zgu2ID9fzp8 02# Arduino Visual Programming | Adjust an LED Brightness with Potentiometer | XOD -- https://youtu.be/rn_pFUvAjPU 03# Arduino Visual Programming | Control the Servo Motors with Potentiometers | XOD -- https://youtu.be/R1ErboSVk9w 04# Arduino Visual Programming | Push-Button | Control the LEDs with Buttons | XOD -- https://youtu.be/CtH8Fau8IDk 05# Arduino Visual Programming | How to use the LDR (photoresistor) | XOD -- https://youtu.be/FMQGCHU75OM ---------------------------------------------------------------- You can share any technical problem at https://forum.xod.io/ The team of XOD developers will respond to you very quickly and more accurately. XOD Official -- https://xod.io/ XOD Community -- https://forum.xod.io/ ----------------------------------------------------------------