DIY - Motorized Camera Slider | Adjustable Step-Speed and Joystick controlled

In this video we will build a DIY Motorized Camera Slider with a few 3D printed parts, an Arduino Uno, a L293D Motor Shield and some components. It has the ability to move with a joystick module and adjust step-speed with a potentiometer. Required Hardware: Arduino Uno - L293D Motor Shield - Joystick Module - Potentiomer 10K - NEMA 17 Stepper - Slide Rail with Platform - 36 Tooth GT2 Pulley - 608ZZ Ball Bearing - GT2 Timing Belt - 8x AA Battery Holder - 3/8 to 1/4 Adapter Screw - Tripod Adapter Bracket - Shoe Mount Adapter - Screws Nuts- 4-Pin Wire Cable - Jumper Wires - Female Header Socket - Tools: JGAURORA A3S 3D Printer - DANIU Soldering Kit - Realacc Four Arms Holder - 16MP HD Action Camera - 3D Parts -

This project was inspired by this source:

Source Code:
You'll need to make sure the Adafruit Motor Shield library used by the code are installed.
#include <AFMotor.h>

AF_Stepper mertArduino(200,1);

int joystickPin = A0;
int potentiometerPin = A1;
int valueJoystick;
int valuePotentiometer;
int valueMotorSpeed;

void setup(){mertArduino.release();}

void loop(){
  valuePotentiometer = analogRead(potentiometerPin);
  valueMotorSpeed = map (valuePotentiometer, 0, 1023, 0, 50);
  valueJoystick = analogRead(joystickPin);
  if(valueJoystick < 549 && valueJoystick > 449){mertArduino.release();}
  if(valueJoystick < 450){mertArduino.step(1, FORWARD, MICROSTEP);}
  if(valueJoystick > 550){mertArduino.step(1, BACKWARD, MICROSTEP);}